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Developmental Editing Complete!

Editor Alan Rinzler spent a year helping me hone this story and tell it well. I learned as much from working with him, as from my creative writing Master’s studies at Dartmouth! It was a lot of work, and quite an honor–his previous clients include Hunter S. Thompson, Toni Morrison, and Tom Robbins! Learn what it was like working on “Hash 207” with the editor behind my idols!

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Chapter One

Chapter One

What would it take for you to leave your future behind, and hit the road with nothing but hope and the cash in your wallet? That wasn’t quite what Jamie Schmidt had planned… but exactly what he needed.

Get a feel for the story, and meet Jamie Schmidt, in the opening chapter of “Hash 207!”

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Seeking an Agent…

I seek representation for “Hash 207,” that together we may introduce it to the perfect publisher for its mainstream audience. After that, we can talk about my next fiction and narrative nonfiction projects, several of which are underway.

“Hash 207” is ready for your review. While I believe it’s ready for editors presently, I’m eager to work with you to further improve it.

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A Story With Heart…and Teeth

“Hash 207” is the story of Jamie Schmidt, scion of a condiment manufacturing family, who wants more from his future than mayonnaise and living up to his father’s image. He sees less romance in maintaining someone else’s creation, than in creating a life of his own.

It’s the story of a city at a tipping point, victim of its own success when more people move in for the bohemian culture than can afford to remain and contribute to the place they created.

It’s the story of the Hash House Harriers, a drinking club with a running problem, who don’t take the loss of their favorite tavern lightly…

…and a story of love in a time of conflict.

Themes & Synopsis

“Hash 207” pits the creative and working class of a city against the developers displacing them to build luxury condos, and against the politicians who enable them. Explore several of the book’s themes, and a short synopsis, here —///–>